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The “Mongolian National Reinsurance” JSC

About the Company

Since 2005, the Government of Mongolia started implementing Index-Based Livestock Insurance Project cooperating with World Bank in order to newly establish e system to protect the livestock sector from the risk. This project implemented successfully giving benefit to the herders and received gratitude from the people.

Main Goal

We aim to defend common rights of participant parties and increase the value of stake/share holders’ properties while offering and then selling the reinsurance products, which are consistent with the both insurer and insured’s basic needs as well as competitive on the world market.


  • Improve insurance system upon the protection of the herders’ livelihood from the Dzud risk.
  • Be the leading company, which shapes a modern/contemporary trend for reinsurance sector development in Mongolia.
  • Strengthen the financial capacity of the domestic reinsurance sector stability.
  • Operate to ensure the growth of company’s sustainable development based upon the permanent existence on the insurance market.
  • Expand the international business relations and hold land-bridge links between international reinsurers.
  • Deliver a fast service for agricultural insurance products, which fulfills customer’s needs within the short amount of time.
  • Train highly skilled human resource for the insurance sector.

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